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Thank you for checking out our website. Information about what our website is and who we are can be found below.

About Us
VITAL eSports is an Australian Multi platform gaming orginsation, that is created through CyberGamer. The australian competitive scene, we are currently just a PC & XBOX team at the moment. But our plans for the future are to go other consoles and networks as well. We consist of a League of Legends team as well as a Call of Duty: Black Ops II competitive team. If you wish to join one of our teams feel free to apply as we are always looking for powerful players.

What is LoL?
League of Legends is a PC MMO game that is a major competitive game across the globe. Country's Korea,Thailand and Australia compete in this game for big prizes. VITAL is one of many other team's that compete in this game, we are hoping to attend major lans when we prove our performance at Lans in australia. If you wish to join the LoL team click the apply button, as we are always looking for Sub players.

Invite your friends
Some of you's may think, meh it's just a low community website. Every website start's from a area, we are hoping for big things in the future with this website and if you want a website with great users and members, then also invite your friends because it can be fun. So please, don't give up on our website embrace it because everyone starts from the bottom.

Why should i signup?
The difference between vital and other gaming websites is that vital is constantly being updated every day there's no day were vital hasn't being modified or added new items to the website. On top of that we are filled with good admins as well as a good community, so why not join?

Want to become staff?
Not everyone get's given a position on there first day joining, so we need to see your committed. If you are a active user and you believe you have the qualifications for the role then by all means APPLY] for a staff position on the website as we are always needing another helping hand.

That is all for today, from the team at VITAL. Thank you for checking out our website!

Founder of VITAL eSports
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